How to Manage Ministry & Family ~ Bill Johnson 3.24 Minute Video

This is an excellent, short video interview with Bill Johnson, Pastor of Bethel Church in Redding, CA.  It’s so worth a little over 3 minutes of your time to see what Bill has to say.  If you are not a Pastor or ministry leader, perhaps you know one who could use this message!  Surveys from Focus on the Family and others continue to show us that approximately 1,500 pastors are leaving the ministry EACH MONTH!  Religion leads to burnout.  Relationship with Father, Son and Holy Spirit leads to peace and rest.  Let’s help our leaders find that place of peace and rest!  Click the link below to see how Bill handles ministry and family!

How to Manage Ministry & Family – Bill Johnson

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Jonathan Cahn Calls Out President & Supreme Court Justices


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Meet Miss Lacey Hancock – Rog’s Cousin

We are so proud of Miss Lacey Hancock, Rog’s cousin, from Memphis, TN.  Lacey is the daughter of Bobby and Vicki Hancock and she  dances with Company d.  In the video below she is the gal in the purple sweater and pink pants.  This is a thriller.  You can also see Lacey’s artwork here.  She is quite a beautiful young lady with a strong and powerful testimony.  We are blessed to call her our “Memphis Cuz!”


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Webinars and Short Clips

We have just posted the 3rd webinar entitled Religion vs Relationship – Part 1 on the website.  Also newly posted is the first of our Short Clips entitled Lies We Live By.  These Short Clips will be 30 minutes or less in run time and are meant to be introductions to webinars we will be planning in the future.  We encourage you to drop in and join us ‘live’ in these two new ventures.  You can go to http://www.placesinthefathersheart.org/talk.php and tune in live with us!

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Bill Johnson Video

We recently viewed the following video by Bill Johnson.  He answers a long standing question that many of us have asked.  Bill’s relational abilities to just simply connect with his viewers is outstanding.  Please take a few minutes and watch as Bill shares the testimony of his earthly father’s battle and death from cancer amidst Bill’s ministry that has so successfully prayed for 100’s to be healed of cancer!

When Bad Things Happen to Good People-Bill Johnson

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