Revised Addition to Prayer Ministry eBook

We have added an entire Addendum to the Prayer Ministry eBook which covers in detail Bitter Root Judgments, Vows and Death Wishes.  This material was written by John and Paula Sandford and the late Jack Frost.  It contains materials that we have had the privilege of studying for years.  We felt strongly that it should be included in the materials of the Prayer Ministry eBook.
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And finally, we are really pleased  to add an audio recording of Prayers for Healing Trauma Wounds [click here and scroll down] done by Jim and Pat Banks of Healing House Ministries.  This 22 minute soaking audio carries a powerful anointing of the Holy Spirit which will allow the listener to be freed from unconscious trauma wounds.  It makes a great addition to the Prayer Ministry eBook.  We highly encourage you to listen.

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New eBook Release

We are pleased to announce the release of a new eBook by Roger with forward by Linda Burton, a ministry partner.    God’s Love Our Ultimate Healer  is ready for your reading pleasure.
The cover design is done again by David Ingram, our Webmaster, and our editor, Carol Bandi, has cleaned up our mess again and shared her endorsement!  Our thanks to the three of you for your input and help with another eBook presentation.
Here is the summary:
Father’s love was first expressed when He created mankind. God is love. He is the ultimate source of love for all mankind. It is that love, the essence of His very being that brings ultimate healing to each of His children spirit, soul and body.

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The Paradigm ~ by Jonathan Cahn

Rarely are we impacted by another author like we are by Jonathan Cahn.  This is by far his best work.  We highly recommend it to all those who have set their hearts to be a part of Father’s end time army.  He has masterfully brought together what is happening today with what happened in ancient times allowing us to get a glimpse of a God that has existed throughout the ages.  We highly recommend to you

• Is it possible that there exists a master blueprint that lies behind the events of the modern world?
• Is it possible that this blueprint originated in ancient times and yet reveals the events of the twenty-first century?
• Could this blueprint foretell the rise and fall of modern leaders and governments?
• Could events that took place nearly three thousand years ago now   be determining the course of our world and with it the course of our lives?
• Could this mystery reveal not only the events of the modern world but the timing of those events—revealing the year when an event is to take place and in some cases pinpointing the exact date—and in at least one case even the exact hour?
• Could a template of the ancient Middle East even foretell the outcome of a presidential election?
• Could the ancient figures within the paradigm hold the keys and mysteries behind the rulers and leaders of modern times, with each modern figure having an ancient prototype and each ancient figure having a modern antitype?
• Could it give the exact parameters of time that modern world leaders are allotted to remain on the national and world stage?
• Is it possible that we are all part of the replaying of the mystery?
• And what would happen if we were able to uncover the paradigm and open up the master blueprint?
• What would it reveal to us, or warn us of, concerning our future?
The paradigm touches not only those in power but every life on this planet and every realm of life—from politics to spirituality, economics, history, law, religion, culture, international relations, morality, even the course of nations. Though it has touched or determined the realm of politics, that fact is incidental to its ultimate concern, which is not political but something much larger. It is the revelation of where we have been and where we are and a warning as to where we are heading.
We will see ancient monarchs and modern presidents merging together, the reigns and actions of ancient kings governing the reigns and actions of modern leaders, ancient scandals lying behind modern scandals, and the events of ancient times determining the course, the direction, and the timing of the events of the modern world.
And in all this we will see our days in a new light and from an eternal vantage point.

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Experiencing the Impossible – Bill Johnson

If you want a good read, please check out Bill Johnson’s book Experiencing the Impossible. 

“It is not possible to achieve true greatness in the Kingdom without valuing the greatness of another.”

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Experience the Impossible ~ by Bill Johnson

Experience the Impossible

Bill Johnson is at it again!  His new book title captured our attention!  Roger says it is one of the most practical approaches he’s read in a long time.  Here is the book review:

We all face difficulties in life, situations that seem hopeless and detour us away from our dreams.  Weighed down by the impossible, we forget that we have the power of Heaven within our grasp – power that can change any situation and overcome every problem.

With insight and passion, Bill shows how you can access this divine power through the Holy Spirit – and how the Spirit will endow you with the three supernatural gifts of 1 Corinthians 13:  faith, hope and love.  He reveals simple, practical ideas about these three aspects of Jesus’ grace that will not only transform the very atmosphere around you – it will unleash Heaven’s power in your world.

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Visions From Heaven ~ Wendy Alec



Visions from Heaven

Visions From Heaven


If you have been through a season of adversity and testing and found yourself at the sheer rock face, encountering some of the fiercest trials and testing of your life, YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK…

VISIONS FROM HEAVEN by Wendy Alec has touched our hearts more deeply than anything we have experienced in a very long time.  As most of you know we have been struggling for 8 years with serious health issues caused from Black Mold Poisoning.  We are very happy to report to you that our healing is now manifesting in our bodies and it all began when we read the revelation of ‘the sifting that Father allows’ in Wendy’s book.  If you don’t need this revelation now, you may need it in the future.  Please get your copy today at Amazon.com.

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The Pleasure of His Company by Dutch Sheets

Through his easy, readable style, Dutch has captured something that will “mess with you, ruin you, and change your life!!  Neither of us could put this one down.  Please do yourself a great favor.  GET THIS BOOK!  Blessings, Roger and Gerri

Here is an excerpt:

Our Destiny, God’s Dream

Most Christians, unfortunately, have no true intimacy with God, spend  very little time with Him, and have a very limited knowledge of His  heart   and ways. “A casual acquaintance” would best define their  relationship with Him. We mustn’t cheapen friendship by lowering the  standard.

I want to quickly point out, however, that friendship with God is possible for every Believer and is His desire for us. After Adam’s fall,        Abrahams walk with God was the first and probably the most in-depth revelation of this type of relationship. Three times in Scripture God        called him His friend—and it’s what He desires with each one of us. This is not only a part of our destiny, it’s part of God’s dream.

In exposing our shallow understanding of friendship with God and the  fact that so few experience it, I don’t mean to impugn our intentions  and       motives. The fact is, we’re much like Abraham was at the beginning  of his journey with the Lord. Most of us begin our walk with God just as  he did—wanting the benefits He offers. We aren’t terribly interested in  His dreams; we probably aren’t even consciously aware that He has any.  But we are aware that He can help us with our dreams, the basis of our  needs,  and remind Him that He is our Father—our source.

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God’s Intervention on Planet Earth by Ron McGatlin

Below is an excerpt from Chapter 1 of Ron’s new ebook God’s Intervention on Planet Earth.   It’s a free download here.  We highly recommend that you take advantage of its 16 pages.  You won’t be sorry.    In the Father’s love, Roger and Gerri

Probably every thinking person knows that extreme times and changes for the nations of the world are inevitable. The problems of this world are glaringly plain. However, real solutions are not at all apparent by natural understanding. Humanity and world conditions are such that there appears no solution without an intervention from God Almighty to do something to change the course of the world.

Many prophetic men and women have been speaking for years about major changes coming to the nations of the world. In past decades many prophetic warnings about cleansing judgments from God have been coming forth that align with many biblical warnings.

The purpose of these events is not punishment for the earth or its people. The purpose of cleansing judgment from God is to bring change in our world – a cleansing or clearing of the land of all that is not of God both in us and in the world.

In the spiritual realm, a great shift or transformation from the present mindsets and ways of being and doing is taking place. The light and love of God is brilliantly shining into the hearts of many believers.

While at the same time the darkness has exploded across the world. The darkness has become deep darkness in and around the masses of ungodly people. One result of this is that Christ Jesus and His people on earth are more despised every day as the rate of increasing darkness continues to accelerate. The violent hatred for the name of Jesus and all who follow Him is becoming worldwide and increasingly intense.

The intervention of God is our only hope and our hope is not being disappointed.

The Undercover Intervention from Heaven

Under the cover of deep darkness, God has now begun what appears to be the most glorious magnificent move of God ever.

This undercover supernatural intervention of God is not subject to the masses of people or the whims of the religious minds of the naysayers. It is not fed by man. It is not driven or empowered by man. The natural eyes of man cannot even see it and the natural minds of man cannot understand it.

Since it is not seen by natural-minded man, it will not be merchandised. Natural man cannot start it and cannot stop it. This intervention move of God is unstoppable by man. Unlike other moves of God in recent history, this move will never go away. It will always increase and never decrease.

It is a rapidly spreading sovereign supernatural spiritual move of God by the Holy Ghost releasing the fire of the Spirit and the supernatural life of Christ Jesus into the lives of His people. It is the manifest presence of the living God in and among His people.

Great thick darkness is covering the earth. Deceiving spirits and other demonic activity is greatly increased across the world. People are readily and easily falling into any deceptive plot of the enemy. False teachings of the most extremely weird types are spreading among secular and religious people, especially the young people, on a scale never seen in modern history. Violence and perversions of every sort are becoming acceptable behavior. Many religious churches are infiltrated with occult practices. Witchcraft and various sorceries employing curses, spells and such have crept in among the young people in many church groups.

The media aimed at children and young adults is programming violence and deep darkness into the homes, streets, schools, playgrounds and every social or broadcast media. Sexual immorality and perversion is considered normal. Speaking curses and casting spells are common place. Evil darkness and hideously ugly is made out to be good and desirable. While pure, clean, and holy is made to seem hateful and undesirable. Family life and autonomy is near extinct. Christ Jesus and people of God are despised and are made out to be hate-filled ignorant tyrants. This is but a thumbnail description of some of the gross darkness covering the land.

It is under this thick darkness that the intervening move of God is pouring the pure holy love and power of God flow directly into the hearts and lives of God’s humble people.

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Praying Matthew 16:19 Effectually & Scripturally ~ by Gerri

Matthew 16:19  NIV   “I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”

Recently we were contacted by a friend and partner with the ministry who asked if we’d read any of the books by Liberty Savard, Liberty Savard Ministries, Sacramento, CA.  We had not.  Our dear friend began sharing by phone with Gerri Continue reading »

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Book Review ~ Renewal For The Wounded Warrior

We are avid readers and we enjoy sharing reviews of books that have significantly touched our lives.  Renewal For The Wounded Warrior by Loren Sandford is one of those reads that has had profound impact on our lives.  We got enough from the introduction of the book to cover the cost of what we paid for the book!

In the Forward James Goll writes, “Sometimes before you can get the right answer, you have to ask the right question.  But often in today’s instant success, fast food, pseudo-Chrisitian, churchianity society, we are afraid even to admit we have a problem, let alone ask the right question.  Sometimes we live in the longest river of the world:  Denial.
Ever get the cart ahead of the horse?  Put doing ministry ahead of ministering to the Lord?  Come to the realization that you are serving the promotion of your own ministry instead of having an honest-to-God real relationship with your Maker and Creator?
“…truth be known, we have all walked down that path in one season or another.  Continue reading »

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