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Privacy Policy

We take your privacy as seriously as we take our own. That's why:

We will not send you unsolicited correspondence.

At your request, and at any time, we will remove you from our lists, assuming you give us the correct email address. We will do this by automatic means or by human intervention if needed.

We will not sell, trade or give away the names, email addresses, or contact information of our subscribers or anyone else with whom we correspond, without their permission.

From time to time, we may ask you for permission to use your name and contact information for a specific purpose. We will only act on that with your permission.

In general, we will do our best to make all our correspondence reflect the permission and consent you have given us.

If you have any comments or questions for us regarding this policy, please fell free to Contact us.

Terms of Use

Some of the materials on this site are copyrighted. We ask that you respect the copyright and not reproduce and redistribute copyrighted items.

HOWEVER, the revelations we have received from the Lord and our teachings are NOT copyrighted! They belong to the Him. We urge you to take them, test them, enrich them and implement them with your own experiences. Please make them your own by walking out the principles in your own life and then use your own testimonies and teach them to others in any format you desire.

We do ask that you acknowledge Places In The Father’s Heart as the source of the materials and that you include our website address when you use the materials.